Commercial Pest Control

Pest control companies Hampton Roads VaBennett’s Creek Pest and Termite is a local, and family owned business that takes more pride in our customer attention, and extensive knowledge of our industry. With over ten years in the industry we are fully armed with the knowledge, and expertise necessary to provide cutting edge, and careful solutions to all of your pest, moisture, and exclusion needs. Specifically we have seen a tremendous spike in rat infestations in the Hampton Roads area. I am fully equipped and an expert in excluding these rodents, and securing that your home will not be destroyed by them.

We also specialize in the always present termite issue, you either have termites, will one day get them, or your home is protected against them. We use the leading industry products to ensure that your home is protected against termites.

We are fully licensed and Insured and can offer you the protection necessary to guarantee that your home will be safe from these wood destroying insects. If you have termites, we can get you on an active program to rid your home of these structurally destroying insects.